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Missing C++ Examples

Since graduating in October with my degree in Game Development, I've spent half of each day researching, applying, and preparing for jobs and the other half working on bug fixes for the Gateware project. Applying to different companies and positions is a lot of work in itself. It takes a considerable amount of time to tailor my resume and cover letter for each job, but I feel more confident with each one I work on.

One thing I realized recently is that I don't have any C++ code online. I can't upload code I worked on in school, and I don't have much C++ code I'm proud of outside of that. Right in the middle of the application process is not a great time to realize this for a Software Engineer. Part of my day now includes writing C++ code to upload online to showcase my knowledge and ability to program different things.

To create a purpose for my code, I have started two projects. The first project is an open-source Command & Conquer style game called Open Conquer, designed to showcase my knowledge of programming rendering, AI, networking, gameplay, and more. The image above is my progress so far getting the DirectX 11 renderer working. The second project is a library of data structures to demonstrate my understanding of them and unit testing. I expect to have it finished way before Open Conquer.

I'm starting to hear back from the companies I applied to. Hopefully, these projects will help me stand out from the other candidates and also refresh my knowledge of different programming concepts I'm rusty on.

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